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What is a Project Methodology?

It defines how we organize and complete your project. We apply best practices recommended by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that are appropriate for each project. For software programming and web site development, we apply best practices from the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

What are the steps or phases in my software project?

Requirements Analysis / Discovery

We will work with you to analyze your needs, propose solutions, and document them in a Requirements Specification.  The agreed upon Requirements are then used as a basis for the project.


We will design a system solution that will meet your needs listed in the Requirements Specification.


We will develop the database and programs that conform to our design.


We will validate that the developed solution complies with the Requirements Specification.


For custom software, we will implement the developed solution into your production environment. For web sites, we will publish your web site as specified in the Requirements Specification.

Post Implementation

We will resolve all issues that are identified during the period immediately following implementation.

What will you do to manage my project to successful completion?


We will define what needs to be accomplished (the project scope) and develop a plan of action to accomplish it (the project plan). 


We will integrate the people and other resources to complete your project.

Monitor and Control

We will monitor progress, identify variances from the plan, and recommend corrective action.  We will facilitate communication, change control, scope control, cost control, quality control, and risk management.

Project Close

We will formalize acceptance that brings the project to an orderly close.